Saturday, April 21, 2012

Painting cabinets part two

There are so many options when painting cabinets. You can use oil, if you can find it , or melamine paint but I always use LATEX . I most often use satin finish but I have also used semi-gloss. Once the paint has had time to cure it is quite durable. The satin finish minimizes any flaws and the grain in the oak that I am painting.
Although I wish that I had a large compressor and an air spray gun I used an angle paint brush for the details on the doors and a foam roller.
I do not over load the roller , I use long strokes over and over until it is a nice smooth finish and make sure to correct any mistakes before leaving it alone. Don't mess too much while applying latex paint , it dries very quickly...
After the primer the Zinsser 123 I apply two to three light coats of paint, making sure to allow ample time for drying. I am painting my doors in the basement and with as much light as I could find, the better the lighting the better the overall paint job.
 I have this old metal table frame that I am able to use as a painting stand , it helps prevent some back aches. For the other doors I have found these little bins to be the perfect stand to paint them on.
 I have found that these Rubbermaid containers are perfect for small roller and tray combo's, it keeps the paint fresh between coats, which can take several days. I use a baggie to cover the paint brush to avoid paint skin forming on the brush. It works quite well for the most part but once there is any issue with bits of dry paint forming on the brush or tray I will wash everything out.
For my cabinets that I am currently working on I am using Martha Stewart paint. I am a big fan of Martha paints , the colors are great and the coverage is superior to many other paints, I think I have tried most brands. I have used it on many occassions. I am not quite sure why Home Depot has stopped carrying it. First they had it at Canadian Tire and they discontinued and now Home Depot, I say a big boo.

So that's really all there is to it , I use latex paint in satin and apply two to three coats by brush for the details and foam roller and allow to dry before re-attaching the hinges. I just finished the final coat and I will wait till Tuesday to re-install the door on the one side of the kitchen. I can't wait to see it all together .


Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

I used oil paint for my kitchen cabinets, but they told me at the time that you would soon not be able to get oil paints. They have been so durable - only one tiny chip in two years of heavy use. I also wrap the paint brush and the rollers so I can use them the next day. I rested my cabinet doors on full unopened boxes of cereal so that I could access all sides and the top or bottom that I am painting. It worked well, but was a lot of crouching. I would love to have had something taller so I could stand. I have heard of people hanging their cabinets up to the ceiling in the garage so they can paint both sides at once which would be amazing.

Kelly said...

Good to know it was so simple! I've heard good things about those Martha Stewart paints. Thanks for sharing!
Kelly @ View Along the Way

Susan Mclaughlin said...

I have followed Martha Stewart Paints around from store to store, too. Her line was originally available only at K-Mart in the US, around 1994. I read that the switch around is due to the paint line renegotiating their deal. As of 2013, I think they have a licensing deal with Sherwin Williams Paints.

50Anni said...

Just one question: did you use any kind of sealer or poly after the paint? Thanks!

Chris Kauffman said...

Nothing was added after the paint...

Rosalind Paciga said...

Hi Chris!

I think you said you have oak noticeable was the grain after you painted, and did you do anything to minimize it?

I've heard of people "filling" the front of the doors with spackle or something before painting to get a smooth finish.

Chris Kauffman said...

the grain is somewhat noticable but it doesn't take away from the look especially after priming and several coats of paint, I think people are accustomed to think painting oak is a no no but it actually looks really great.
I have done it in three of my kitchen and numerous kitchens of friends and clients and it always looks great.