Monday, June 20, 2011

Someone's got a beef with our bunkie/ shed

Well we have been plugging away at the bunkie as much as our spare time will allow , there is not a lot of spare time in our lives right now sadly so it is slow going , but I do like to share the process.
I came home from the gym last Friday to find a notice from the city on my door , they had been made aware of construction being done at our address that "may" need a permit , first I was in a panic , but then I knew I had done my research and according to the city if my shed is under 100 sq feet I would not need a permit , I know we will be fine but the inspector is stopping by this morning to verify my measurements.
This means someone is hating our building , don't you want to know who it is , I hope I can find out today , just who it is , we have 6 backyards backing onto us that it could be I know awful eh! , but we think we know who it is , I just wish they had asked us about it instead of calling the city in ...
Oh well , we get to have out building and they will have to accept it , it will be nice to look at soon , I promise.
The toughest part has been figuring out the roof of course, but the joists are up , I did one whole by myself , it actually wasn't hard at all , thanks to the handy brackets I found at Lowe's.
I have decided to clad the front and back peaks and ceiling in v groove panelling so that I don't have to recald the interior with v-groove, it looks so nice , I am hoping this will save us some money and time. The walls will be clad over the framing with v-groove.
You can really get a sense of the space now , I am glad we didn't make it shorter , I wasn't sure if it would be too tall, but we like it , and it is well under the height restrictions , we may even add a cupola , although I think that sounds a little challenging , but I think it will look great.
Wish me luck with the building inspector , I will keep you posted. We Passed !!!!!


Dharma said...

Congrats on passing the inspection. I know, any construction in a suburb can be challenging but doing your research pays off, huh? Neighbours, it's why we build fences :)

corgimum said...

I hope you are choosing a v-groove product meant for outdoor use. We did not and are now going to replace our shed walls with either an engineered wood or fiber cement siding or plank product. The snow and rain are too destructive to wood, even with regular painting. (We live in Southwest Ohio.)

Good luck with the inspector!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

ha! Take that bunkie/shed hater! Good grief~ what is wrong with people?!
I am excited about your shed! can't wait to see it done!
Hsave a PRETTY day!

Comeca Jones said...

Good for you! But seems as my kids say someone in your neighborhood is drinking "Hater-Aid!"lol Cant wait to see it finished.

the cape on the corner said...

oh gosh, that's ridiculous that you can't even build your own shed. people can be unreal. glad you passed, and it's got the go ahead. take that, neighbor!

Vanilla Bliss said...

I am going to guess it is the person directly behind you that complained. Just a hunch, it would be most noticeable to them. I can't imagine calling the city about something that beautifies your yard. I can't wait to see what you do to finish it.

MommaHen said...

Some people are so annoying! uh! I can't believe they called the city :/

judi said...

we've had similar trouble with a "neighbor" who likes to police other's property. we are on a main road with several neighborhoods around us and very visible. however, one time we noticed that this "neighbor" had their brush & leaves out on the edge of the road a month or two before pick up (a no no). we were meeting with the town regarding the "notice" we received and questioned/mentioned the above info. to the supervisor during our conversation. don'tcha know we haven't had any problems with this person since. "people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones"! lol
glad that you passed!

Mary Frances said...

We have a one story home sandwiched in between two 2 story homes...the neighbor on the right is a renter who is NEVER home and could care less, but the neighbor on the left is on the homeowner's association architectural approval committee...we get letters about mowing our yard...our BACK yard...when the front is perfectly mowed and edged;guess who has a view from her upstairs family room? We built a storage shed this spring, and had to jump hoops also, we love it and our garage is clean and we can park both car & truck now...funny, while roofing our "bunkie" we noticed nosy neighbor has a lot of unauthorized "improvements" in her backyard...casually asked about where she got such and more letters about mowing our back yard, either. BTW...our property value increased with our little addition(10x12)...sure yours will too!!


yeh!!!!!! dont cha just hate those neighbors that dont have the guts to come and talk we you but im so glad you have it all solved looking forward to your bunkie finished xoxo sherri

Jake said...

What! Good Grief!

I'm guessing these people don't read your blog or seen your house.
Their loss! Or they do and have and the little green monster is showing its ugly mug. ha.

I'd let you build 10-bunkies in my yard. Want to? ;)

Looking forward to seeing what you do with this little jewel.

Jake's a Girl

Jenna @ Sequined Sunsets said...

Good to hear it passed inspection! The bunkie is looking great and I can't wait to see the finished product.