Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend fun

Look how happy she is Sophie got to see her very first live singing performance this girl sings 24 hours a day , she was soaking it all in, I think she may have some new tricks after seeing this event yesterday , the reason I don't have a nice picture of Mason here is because she was complaining that she didn't like the seats for this sold out event , hormones I chalk it up to hormone's , tunred out we were moved to VIP seating anyway and had great seats , all that fussin for nothing.

Mmmmm doesn't that look yummy , it is cream cheese frosting , carrot cake for my mother's husband's birthday , isn't that nice that he likes my carrot cake , me too, we didn't have time to celebrate together as we had plans to go to a theme park for fun and to see a taping of a The Next Star show.

They are getting ready for Halloween at Canada's Wonderland . We squeezed in a few roller coasters before getting into the huge line up for the Next Star live taping and finale. I was glad we could do that for our girls , Sophie saw her first live performance, they had two real bands and 6 kid singing stars that sang , they were all so talented , with the exception of the one who won, robbery I say the girl who should have won was robbed , it was fun and loud anyhoo .
This photo reminds me of when I was a child and visited this park , some things just never change, I can not believe people play these games and have to carry around these ginormous toys that are bigger than a grown man , what are they thinking ?, and then getting it home , and it taking up half a small room , craziness.
I always stand off to the side when my strong stomached family rides the type of swirling , and throttling rides like this one , I can not handle them , so I watch I don't mind, yesterday was the perfect day to go , the air was crisp fall air , not as hot as it was on our last visit just a few weeks ago . Nice bonus was that we were let in for free , that was a nice treat because it means we still have one visit coming to us for this season , it is so nice to be able to enjoy real rides with our kids, the wait was long to get to this point but it is appreciated .


Momma to Bug said...

I can't go on the rides either...they give me such a headache! Sophie looks so much like you! Both of your girls are beautiful...

restyled home said...

That looks like a fun day! Good thing your hubby will do the rides...mine wimps out completely, and I'm the one left with the churning stomach!

It must be nice to live near such great attractions. We have to make our own fun here.


chriskauf said...

I love the roller coasters , its just those spinning rides I can not stomache , loop me up and down sideways , just not around and around , I don't know how people stand that , I am lucky my husband can do it .

L. said...

The cake is deeelish!!! Thanks again.