Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Spring has sprung.

My favourite season is spring , has always has been the smells trees all in blossom.The promise of winter past and summer to come, I am enjoying planning for all the changes that I hope to complete in our short warm season.

Sophie is always happy to help me water the garden,and a few days ago I brought out my screen door so simple , I love the slam sound a real wood screen door makes,charming, the no dumping cast iron dog was a christmas gift from a friend and neighbour who knows how upset I get that people let their dogs pee on my boxwoods nearly killing them , so much so that I put up a sign asking people to save them from harm...I took a picture of my newest addition my pyramidial boxwood in my steel planter which I now wish I had bought two of, planters that is , I will have to plant it later but for now it looks sublime in that planter, please excuse the rest of the clutter , I was still working on it all, I am always working on it all, new pavers , more rock garden , new mail basket , new door handle ,new street number sign, the list goes on.
Happy Spring.


Heidi said...

I miss Ontario springs!! They are an obvious season unto themselves. I find here it's a dreary time between winter and summer....very hit or miss, and very brown, even out in the country.

I love your screen door, and I especially love the fact that your doors are such a happy green.

Love your curb appeal!!

onelittlemustardseed said...

Everything looks lovely. Like you, I love the sound of a screen door banging shut. I love your colour too!

Did you lay those pavers yourself? I plan to cut flagstone into my grass this year leading to my mothers house who shares the back yard with me. Your so multi-talented!

chriskauf said...

Yes Wendy I laid the pavers the ones that make up the steps from the sidewalk, that garden was a hump of grass when I moved in , I like a open entry , I hate to have people shimmy past a car to get to the front door, laying pavers is guite easy, I actually just relaid them winter is tough on them, it is very much still a work in progress, I need to replace the builder slabs, I hate those.
With flag stone you can lay it right in the grass for a few days pull it up and there is a template for you to cut out, simple.

Linda MacDonald CSP(tm) said...

Your home has oodles of curb appeal! Good for you for taking a stand about people letting their dogs soil on your lawn. Some people think just because they "scoop" it, it is o.k. They don't consider that we have small kids who play on the grass and can step in (or roll in) the remnants! Uugh!!!