Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bits and pieces

What a suck of a dog, all wrapped up , I guess 7:00am is just too early for him...
Linda this is for you , the outdoor shower just waiting for some kind of beachy enclosure,$39.00 do I have to tell you its from Home Depot, our hose sits in the sun all day so I know we will have warm water for a quick rinse, I will see tonight if I can scoop one for myself.

The berries look so pretty I just had to take that picture.

The weather in southern ontario has been sublime, pure summerso the girls broke out the water balloons and their bikinis, isn't Sophie's white ruffle just the cutest ,oh my gosh , she won't shimmy dance for me, she is the pickiest with her clothes, since she was 8 months old, yes I mean it, at 8 months if I tried to put shoes on that she didn't like she would point at the ones she did like, Sophie is a 13 yr old trapped in an almost 6 yr old body , daily her room is scattered with a vast array of clothes well outfits that didn't pass the test, I stay out of it , its her thing.
Today is a quiet day just two toodlers to watch , my kids are off at school, by 10:00am they are drenched with sweaty heads from playing in the yard, this early summer reminds me of when I was expecting my first child , so we played with some ponytails and barrette's cute, I am sure they won't last.


restyled home said...

Thanks Chris, for posting a great shower option. Would you believe the nearest Home depot is 1 1/2 hrs away (in Halifax)? I am going there on Sunday, so I'll see if I can pop in there. What a great price!!
Your girls are so cute...aren't they lucky to have such great weather? We have been bogged down with cold and fog for basically two weeks! Uugh!!


Heidi said...

Oh sure...rub it I miss Ontario summers. I will NEVER get used to the weather here.

Great pictures!

onelittlemustardseed said...

Hey, I might actually spring for one of those outdoor showers! Linda gave us her old pool so it would be nice for the kids to shower down before and after!